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Wall Mounted Folding Furniture & Space Saving Ideas

We are constantly developing and expanding our ideas for Space Saving Folding Furniture that can be used in the Domestic, Recreational Vehicle, Caravan, Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Leisure markets. We aim to provide you with options you might not have considered before to reduce your overall carbon footprint and the life-cycle costs.

Our tables and chairs are stronger, more versatile and better value for your money than any of our competitors. Check out our Gallery page to see some reference material, images and installation ideas. Installation guides and technical details are in on our Products page and we will update them as regularly as we can.

Our folding furniture designs are a clever combination of concept and craftsmanship that offer fresh, contemporary solutions to utilize space more efficiently and minimize clutter in the home.  We favour simplicity of design and this has inspired us to create pieces which achieve a perfect balance between functionality, quality and convenience.


From our Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Board station and the smaller Compact Ironing Board, to our innovative piece of hardware the Eureka MFG wall mounted folding brackets, our aim is to make products that are space efficient and functional yet stylish and beautifully crafted – in short, products that will stand the test of time.

Save the Planet by Saving Space....

Big Ideas for Small Spaces.

Eureka Wall Mounted

Folding Brackets

Folding  Brackets available in

Four Sizes and sold in pairs

Wall Mounted Folding Brackets Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet Cupboard

Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Wall Mounted Fold Down Tables

Wall Mounted Fold Down Tables

Fully Assembled Poplar Tables

available in Various Sizes

Wall Mounted Ironing Board compact space saving

Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Wall Mounted Fold Down Tables

Wall Mounted Fold Down Formica Table

Fully Assembled Formica Table

available in One Size

Wall Mounted Fold Down Chair

Wall Mounted Fold Down Chairs

Fully Assembled Poplar Chairs

available in Various Sizes

Wall Mounted Fold Up Chair

Wall Mounted Fold Up Chair & Bench

Poplar Chair and Bench

available in Two Sizes

Children's Wall Mounted Fold Down Work Station

Children’s Fold Down Work Station

One option available currently,

more to come later

Wall Mounted Fold Down Bench

Wall Mounted Fold Down Benches

Fully Assembled Poplar Benches

available in Various Sizes

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Eureka MFG Wall Mounted Ironing Board Tables Chairs and Folding Brackets